Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is a surface composed of up to 95% Quartz that is highly resistant to impact, heat, scratching, chipping or cracking and is marketed under such names as Smartstone, Essastone etc....

Natural Granite

Granite is a natural product that is quarried and cut into blocks off the sides of mountains in various locations around the globe. It is then cut into slabs, highly polished and fabricated into t...

Natural Marble

Marble is also a natural product quarried and cut in to blocks like granite and then distributed as slabs or tiles, but it is a much more porous and delicate stone.

Welcome to Stone Warehouse NT

Since 2010 , locally owned and operated Stone Warehouse NT has been supplying quality engineered stone, granite and marble products throughout the Northern Territory.

Our focus is on providing a first class finish within a specified time, at a competitive price.

Our qualified stonemasons work with builders, cabinetmakers, architects and home owners to create individual, often detailed finishes to every project undertaken.

Our website is a showcase of the work that we do, and we hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

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